Global Private Practice Market Report 2020-21

Samantha Fong Market update

2020 was a year without precedent – we could never have imagined the challenges and the disruption that arose as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The way that law firms and lawyers across the world have risen to these challenges evidences the resilience and the adaptability of the people in the legal profession.
The commentary in this report has been prepared, not only by contributions from our global team of consultants but also with invaluable feedback from you – thank you.
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Here is an extract of the Hong Kong market update from the Report: 

The current health and economic crisis has reshaped almost every aspect of society and the global legal fraternity has been required to make swift adjustments on multiple fronts in just a few short months.
As history has shown over and over again, Hong Kong has always bounced back, and bounced back relatively quickly and aggressively from many different types of economic
Whilst there was a fourth resurgence of COVID-19 in December 2020, the Hong Kong market appears to be very slowly picking up, however with the evolving political situation and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, it is still too early to make any predictions on what the next few months will look like, and when recovery will truly



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