Business Continuation During Coronavirus

Alex Wiseman Company News

As the government announced yesterday that they will be keeping civil servants working from home for another week and all schools will stay closed until mid-March, all of us in Hong Kong are working to navigate the challenges we face with the coronavirus situation as it continues to develop.

Our top priority is always the safety of our teams across Carter Murray, Frazer Jones, Taylor Root, and the wider SR Group. With that being said, we are also trying to keep to business as usual as much we can.

Following guidelines released by the government and other relevant organisations, we have suggested to all our staff in the Hong Kong office that they work from home. In addition, those team members that have visited mainland China have been required to take a 14-day self-quarantine at home. We have also suspended travel between our Asia offices until the outbreak is contained.

Our teams and business heads are in constant communication.

We have equipped our teams with the tools that they need to not only keep safe and healthy, but that allows them to carry on with their day to day lives in a relatively normal fashion. This includes providing masks and antibacterial sanitisers to our staff, particularly if they have chosen to come into the office. We are continuing to have supplies sent out from our London office.

Our staff that are working from home have protected, but full access to their systems as usual so that they can continue to service our candidates and clients to the high quality that is normally experienced.

Whilst many companies are cutting back on non-essential face-to-face meetings until later dates, which includes most early-stage job interviews, the work that we can do for clients and candidates is ongoing. All our consultants can be reached on their normal emails and phone numbers.

All our employees are making a concerted effort to make sure we all - including clients and candidates - are kept safe during these difficult times. If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We will continue to provide updates when we can, but for now, please keep safe and healthy.